Dear friends,


Since January 2003, I have been working here in Mumbai (Bombay), India for The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Mylene and I came here thanks to a so-called “Ambassador Program”, a scheme that allows BCG employees from all over the world to spend one year within a foreign BCG office.


Taking our role of “Ambassadors” at heart, we decided to publish regularly a kind of “diplomatic dispatch” where we try to describe some of our experiences here.

On that way, we would like to transfer some of these unique elements that make India so much different but so exciting to discover.


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January 2003

June 2003

February 2003

September 2003

March 2003

December 2003

April 2003



But India cannot just be described with words. There are too many colours, sounds and movements to be depicted. We hope that with our picture gallery, we will be able to reflect more closely what we experience here.


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First impressions in Mumbai

Cricket, cricket, cricket!

Splendid Ladakh

Visit our apartment

Enjoy Indian Beaches

Wet, wet, wet

Wedding in Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

Glamour of Bollywood

Last but lasting impressions from India


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